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Disaster Happens!
Data can be lost for a multitude of reasons. Every data storage device is bound to fail at some time, the only question is when. Failure of these devices can arise for a multitude of reasons. For example the storage device could be physically damaged from fire, water, or an electrical spike. Logical corruption in the file system could cause the device to be inaccessible by the operating system or BIOS. Of course data can also be deleted on accident or lost through the action of virus or sabotage. Whatever the cause of the loss, the primary concern of most people is to first retrieve the lost data and then prevent the situation from arising again.

The best way to avoid losing data is to make frequent backups. Unfortunately for many people reading this page, making backups now would be too late to solve the current crisis. Furthermore, while many of the data recovery companies advertising on the web may be able to retrieve files from damaged media, often times those files are still damaged and cannot be used by the programs that created them. This is where we at Critical-Recovery.com can help.

The Solution...
At Critical-Recovery we are experts at taking corrupted data files that have been recovered from damaged media and making them accessible by the programs they are designed for. If you have already had your files retrieved from damaged media by another company or done the work yourself but are still unable to open the files in their designated programs please click the free quote link above to get started with a free no obligation evaluation of your data files. Upon completion of the form you will receive a secure file upload link and login credentials to upload your file. After receiving your file we will evaluate the damage and get back to you with the results of what can be recovered, the amount of lost information if any, and the total cost to perform the recovery work. There are no hidden fees and you are under no obligation to have the repair work completed. For a list of some of the many file formats we support and other services we provide please see our services page. If you have damaged media and are unable to retrieve the files from the device please contact us to discuss your options.

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